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Pueblo Chieftain -April 6, 2019

Catholic Charities marks 75 years of caring

It was 1944, and with the world ravaged by war, the Diocese of Pueblo formally began its commitment to strengthen and empower families and individuals throughout Southern Colorado.

Seventy five years ago, what was launched as Catholic Social Service Inc. with a single social worker will today celebrate 75 years of bettering the lives of thousands of individuals and families as Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo. Read More...


Pueblo Chieftain - January 24, 2019

Young mother finds inspiration in Catholic Charities family program


From the outset, life didn’t go out of its way to bestow 24-year-old Anastasia Dobrinski-Griego with any favors.

Growing up, her home environment was marred by the addictions of family members, which sowed the seeds of sadness that later blossomed into clinical depression and anxiety. As a young adult, her body became ravaged by meningitis, setting off in motion a seemingly endless string of surgeries and doctor’s visits. Read more...


Pueblo Chieftain - November 20, 2018

Inability to speak and hear no barrier to citizenship


In January 2015, Nery Gonzalez proudly stood before a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer and correctly answered the questions, and passed the additional demands of the test, required of all applicants for citizenship. He then took the oath that officially made him an American.

All without ever speaking a word.


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Pueblo Chieftain - March 3, 2019

Mahoney, of Pueblo Catholic Charities says the worst brings out the best. 

People often find their calling in the crucible of a disaster or crisis.

Joe Mahoney, a big former Marine officer, had been a Catholic Charities case manager for only a few months in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina ripped into that city in August 2005, a brown ocean bursting through levees to drown stranded people, horrifying America as it brought a major city to its knees. Read more...


Pueblo Chieftain - December 25, 2018

Pueblo's find new lease on life through ReHire program

After leaving the correctional system, Alexander Guytan said being accepted into a local halfway house was the first step to a new life. “I didn’t know anybody out here in Colorado but it was something new,” Guytan said. “A chance for me to start over.” A critical part of beginning anew, however, is securing stable employment with a living wage. Read more...

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Pueblo Chieftain - August 15, 2018

Pueblo counselor visits the border, writes about crisis

Carmelita Vega, a Department of Justice immigration counselor working with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo, recently spent five days on the border between Nogales, Ariz., and Nogales, Mexico. Vega was provided with a stipend by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network to spend the week assisting in what Catholic Charities Executive Director Joe Mahoney terms a “genuine humanitarian crisis.” During those five life-changing days, Vega chronicled her thoughts as she personally helped 34 families and individuals -- legal asylum seekers one and all -- leave behind a life of misery and tragedy for the hope of a new start. Read more...

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