Immigration Services

Our Immigration Services provides assistance for individuals or families on immigration processes. A certified counselor advocates for families through services and education on Immigration Reform through one-on-one counseling and case management services with the primary goals of helping vulnerable immigrants seeking U.S.citizenship and linkage to immigration education and community resources. In order to help immigrants with accessing public services, understanding their rights, and understanding the process of gaining legal status, we provide the following educational workshops: Know your Rights (accessing public services and rights under due process of law); Becoming a U.S. Citizen (legal status and complex bureaucratic processes); Immigration 101 (legal status and complex bureaucratic processes). For more information, please call 719.543.1741. 


The Alliance to Combat Human Trafficking - Pueblo (ACHT-Pueblo)

ACHT-Pueblo was formed in November of 2013 in response to a Catholic Charities USA report released in September of 2013 on human trafficking, recommitting its efforts to offer employment services, family counseling, and legal advocacy to trafficking victims. The report indicated that In 2012, twenty-nine Catholic Charity agencies throughout the country reported services to 239 victims of sex, labor, drug, and organ trafficking. The report calls for collaboration with local service providers to confront the issue and improve the quality of services provided to those affected by human trafficking.

The YWCA and seven other local service agencies were the initial founders of ACHT-Pueblo, now composed of various non-profit social service and health care providers, law enforcement representatives, and prosecutorial organizations who are working to create a network of support for survivors in the community.

The mission of ACHT-Pueblo is: 1) Raise public awareness of theHuman Trafficking issues;
2) Encourage networking and partnerships with social service and medical providers, educators, prosecution, and law-enforcement.

ACHT-Pueblo sponsors many awareness meetings throughout the year including panel discussions, conferences, documentary viewings, and more. The organization is also available to conduct group presentations about the issue of human trafficking. For more information, please contact 719-281-3056 or


To report a case of human trafficking or get help, contact these confidential hotlines

National hotline 1-888-373-7888

Colorado hotline 1-866-455-5075

Txt number 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)