Family Support

SafeCare Colorado

SafeCare Colorado provides weekly home visits with direct skill training and resources for parents.  Families with children 0-5 years of age receive support managing child behavior, keeping their home free of safety hazards, and taking care of their child’s basic health care needs. To learn more information about this program, please call 719-543-7739

Nurturing Parenting

Family-centered parenting courses to build positive parent-child relationships.  This program provides families with children of all ages the skills and resources to incorporate positive experiences in daily family life. The program classes are available in the Tuesday and Thursday evening and on Saturday.  Parents and children attend together and receive free meals and childcare.  Class options include Nurturing Parenting for families with children 0-12 years of age, Nurturing Fathers, Circle of Parents in Recovery, Parents and Teens, Teen Parents, Nurturing Teens, Co-Parenting for families facing separation or divorce, and parents who are incarcerated.  For class schedules or information call 719-586-8634 or visit

Diaper Bank of Southern Colorado

Like hunger, a lack of diapers has a profound impact on a child and the family. Ensuring that every baby can be clean, dry and healthy, diaper assistance is available for low-income families with babies and toddlers. Call 719.544.4233 for more information.

Healthy Steps

Focusing on children from birth to age three, Healthy Steps offers the support that helps parents anticipate developmental stages and possible problems, to guide them in their roles as parents.  Healthy Steps uses a team approach to primary health care for young children.  A professional staff member will provide an effective link between the family and the pediatric and family practice. Call 719.586.8619 for more information.

Fatherhood Program

We know that parenting has its challenges! the Fatherhood Program is an interactive class that helps build healthy communication, connects fathers to families, and focuses on nurturing, father-focused behavior! Learn more by calling 719-281-3057!