We help families turn dreams into reality.

We serve families regardless of religious, ethnic, social or economic backgrounds. Families in our programs benefit from our 2Gen- approach, which focuses on creating opportunities and addressing needs of both children and their guardians. We utilize a strengths- based approach, and work with families to achieve their goals. Proudly, we serve over 12,000 individuals each year.

Helping people since 1944, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo is one of the main not-for-profit social service agencies in Southern Colorado. We serve 29 counties with our largest concentration of services offered in Pueblo County. Headquartered in Pueblo, we operate 24 programs and services primarily across Crowley, Fremont, Huerfano,Las Animas, Otero, and Pueblo counties. We are efficient - over 85 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to support local programs.


While we have many programs, our main focus is toward early childhood well-being and education. Our vision is that every home is a nurturing environment that supports the full potential of the child and helps prepare them for school and beyond. We accomplish this by implementing a 2Gen approach in our programs.

Additional programs we have provide assistance that helps those with barriers to employment transitional jobs/

technical training, immigration citizenship application help and advocacy, Social Security Representative Payee service, and home stability rent and utility assistance for families.

What is a 2Gen approach?

A two-generation approach (2Gen) describes a new process to reducing families in poverty, which calls for connecting low-income families with early childhood education, job training, and other tools to achieve financial stability and break the cycle of poverty.  We use our programs to connect and support families on their path to harnessing the family’s full potential and to put the entire family in the direction of permanent security.

Our goal is to strengthen families by giving them the tools they need to be self-reliant. 

Our Mission

Inspired by God's love, Catholic Charities uses a two-generation approach to fight poverty. 


Our Vision

That every home is a nurturing environment that supports the full potential of the child so that every child is ready for school on day one. 

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